Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reality TV Sucks, The Hobey Baker Debate, and Rod Stewart's Deadbeat Son

Another exciting week of the jukebox is in the books, and as always, we exceeded expectations.

First on the show, the jukebox heroes talked about the beautiful spring weather that has finally landed on Boston.

3-25 Show Open - Phil DiMartino

Next up, Phil broached the always dangerous topic of reality TV by calling out America's Next Top Model. Is the show a clown-fest, as Phil asserts, or is Stephanie right in saying it's a quality prime time destination? Hear the results of the heated debate!

Reality TV Sucks! - Phil DiMartino

After that, Phil and special guest Zach Stone debated which BU Hockey Star should be the winner of College Hockey's Most prestigious prize, the Hobey Baker award. It's Matt Gilroy vs. Colin Wilson! It's Zach vs. Phil! Check it out!

Matt Gilroy vs. Colin Wilson - Phil Dimartino

Next up, the reality TV show theme continued. After lamenting the lack of classic rock news, the DJs discussed Sean Stewart, son of Rod, who recently went on a reality TV court show and trashed his pops. Hear the rest of the story now!

Sean Stewart - Phil DiMartino

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