Thursday, March 26, 2009

Reality TV Sucks, The Hobey Baker Debate, and Rod Stewart's Deadbeat Son

Another exciting week of the jukebox is in the books, and as always, we exceeded expectations.

First on the show, the jukebox heroes talked about the beautiful spring weather that has finally landed on Boston.

3-25 Show Open - Phil DiMartino

Next up, Phil broached the always dangerous topic of reality TV by calling out America's Next Top Model. Is the show a clown-fest, as Phil asserts, or is Stephanie right in saying it's a quality prime time destination? Hear the results of the heated debate!

Reality TV Sucks! - Phil DiMartino

After that, Phil and special guest Zach Stone debated which BU Hockey Star should be the winner of College Hockey's Most prestigious prize, the Hobey Baker award. It's Matt Gilroy vs. Colin Wilson! It's Zach vs. Phil! Check it out!

Matt Gilroy vs. Colin Wilson - Phil Dimartino

Next up, the reality TV show theme continued. After lamenting the lack of classic rock news, the DJs discussed Sean Stewart, son of Rod, who recently went on a reality TV court show and trashed his pops. Hear the rest of the story now!

Sean Stewart - Phil DiMartino

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3-25 Playlist

The jukebox is live blogging again, bringing you tonight's playlist!

Call us at 617 353 6400 with requests!

311 // Amber
Weezer // Beverly Hills
Sublime // What I Got
Bob Marley // One Love
The Animals // House of the Rising Sun
The Ataris // The Boys of Summer
David Bowie // Ziggy Stardust
Santana // Oye Como Va
Queen // I Want it All
Bon Jovi // Living on a Prayer
Bruce Chanel // Hey Baby
Europe // The Final Countdown
The Scorpions // Rock You Like a Hurricane
Lost Prophets // Last Train Home
Foreigner // Urgent
Kenny Loggins // I'm Alright
Rod Stewart // Maggie May
Whitesnake // Here I Go Again on my Own
AC/DC // Thunder Struck

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Intern Take-Over!

The interns will be dominating the show for the first time ever on March 18th!

Less Phil, More Interns!

Enjoy as Adrienne and Steph grab the bull by the horns for their first time alone on-air.

Make sure to call up and harass them at 617-353-6400 or shoot them an IM at wtburadiodj


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break!

Less iPod is on vacation, along with it's hosts, all over the country!

Don't fret! The jukebox will return to action on March 18th.

In the meantime, feel free to enjoy all the archives available right here on THE BLOG!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Midterms, How The Stones Saved Metallica, Quickie Jobs, and Spring Breakin'

Another glorious edition of the jukebox hit the airwaves, with the DJs talking about everything from music, to jobs, to spring break

First on the docket this week, the DJs talked about the hell that is College Midterm week. WTBU legend Zach Stone joined Phil in studio to try and help relieve the stress.

Pressure! - Phil DiMartino

Later on, the Jukebox heroes discussed a story about the saving grace that is the Rolling Stones. Apparently, the Stones talked Metallica out of a break-up, mystery date style. Hear the DJs give their take on this bizarre story.

Rolling Metallica - Phil DiMartino

After that, Adrienne and Phil chatted about Quickie jobs, and whether or not they are worth the trouble. One LIMJ intern reveals how she got paid to sleep! Talk about a get rich quick scheme!

Quickie Jobs - Phil DiMartino

Later on, the DJs discussed their plans for the glorious entity that is Spring Break! Listen to the big-time plans of the rich and famous.

Spring Breakin - Phil DiMartino

March 4 Playlist

Green Day // Basketcase
Meatloaf // Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Sublime // Doin' Time
Metallica // Sad But True (Live)
Guns 'N' Roses // Welcome To The Jungle
Dispatch // The General
Audioslave // Show Me How To Live
The Who // Who Are You
Van Halen // Panama
Mighty Mighty Bosstones // The Impression that I Get
The Killers // Mr. Brightside
Goldfinger // Superman
Gin Blossoms // Hey Jealousy
The Rolling Stones // Satisfaction
Queen // Don't Stop Me Now
The Allman Brothers // Ain't Wastin' Time No More