Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lil Weezy as a Lil' Rocker, Chris Cornell teams up with Timbaland, and Metallica fans get peed on! (1-28-09)

On this edition of the Jukebox the Great Debate raged on! The separation of rock and rap is no longer existent. You all voted Run DMC out of the Rock and Hall of Fame, and this week we talked about two other crossover projects.

We discussed Lil' Wayne's latest endeavor to be an international superstar by attempting to conquer the world of rock and roll. His new single is called "Prom Queen." Its off the album The Rebirth , which you can read about here. You can also listen to Phil's rant on Lil' Wayne below.

Lil Wayne Discussion - Phil DiMartino

Also on the Juke, we talked about a more promising crossover project, involving the legendary Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame. Cornell is teaming up with hit-machine Timbaland to make his forthcoming album, Scream. You can listen to the title track here. You can also here Phil's more slightly more favorable rant on Chris Cornell below.

Chris Cornell and Timbaland - Phil DiMartino

Phil also talked about a bizarre situation at T.D. Banknorth Garden back on the January 18th. Metallica came into town, and low and behold, a cop pissed on some poor guy! Listen to the discussion on it here.

Metallica Fan Gets Peed On - Phil DiMartino

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pollin' The People!

Last Week's poll is over! The results you ask? 90% of you said Run DMC should not be in the Hall of Fame! Good work people!

This weeks poll is a simple yes or no question. Do you like Lil' Wayne? Not his music, or his tattoos, but the all-encompassing entity that IS Lil' Wayne. Vote Early, Vote Often.

Lil' Wayne TRIES to play the guitar.....he fails

Jan 28 Playlist

Audio Segments from the January 28th show will be here later....for now, enjoy this!

Juke Box Playlist

Foreigner // Jukebox Hero
Gin Blossoms // Hey Jealousy
Eve 6 // Inside Out
Blink 182 // Dammit
Third Eye Blind // Hows It Gonna Be
Sponge // Plowed
Smashing Pumpkins // 1979
Incubus // Pardon Me
Lynyrd Skynyrd // Sweet Home Alabama
Grateful Dead // Hell in a Bucket
Blue Oyster Cult // Dont Fear the Reaper
Pearl Jam // Even Flow
Audioslave // Show Me How to Live
Rod Stewart // Maggie May
Saliva // Click Click Boom
Iron Maiden // The Wicker Man
Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil' Wayne // Let it Rock
Beastie Boys // Fight For Your Right

The Beatles // I Wanna Hold Your Hand
The Rolling Stones // Gimme Shelter
Ozzy Osbourne // Crazy Train

Monday, January 26, 2009

Ziggy Was A Star...

David Bowie is thinking about bringing back his famed character Ziggy Stardust for a music festival, according to ever-reliable reports across the blogosphere.

Rumors are that Bowie will be appearing at the Coachella Rock Festival in April. Bowie apparently refused to play the festival last year, and Mr. Purple Rain himself Prince took over as the headliner.

The Brits love their Ziggy, and one particular article ponders what Ziggy would be doing today. Check out the article here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh-Bama, Run DMC in the Rock HOF and one more reason to hate Lars Ulrich (1-21-09)

Today on the Juke, we chatted about the historic inauguration of Barack Obama, and listened to a clip of the master orators speech (even though he TECHNICALLY botched that whole being sworn in thing). Listeners chimed in with their thoughts on who may be a more ballin' President, and we settled on David Palmer of 24. Check out my thoughts on Barack's Inauguration.

Barack Talk - Phil DiMartino

We also discussed the validity of Run DMC's impending induction to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, and whether or not rap artists have a place in Cleveland. Find out whether or not the esteemed Jukebox Hero thinks DMC should be in the hall of fame.

DMC in the HOF - Phil DiMartino

We also talked about Lars Ulrich's most recent quest to piss off the world by delaying the release of a G'N'R video. Hear what Phil had to say about the latest in the saga.

Guns N Metallica - Phil DiMartino

Also, listen to an update on Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Elton John.

Springsteen Talk - Phil DiMartino

The Juke Box Playlist

Foreigner // Juke Box Hero

J. Giels // Band

Led Zeppelin // Ramble On

Pearl Jam // Alive

Weezer Say // It Aint So

David Bowie // Changes

Def Leppard // Pour Some Sugar On Me

Our Lady Peace // Supermans Dead

Bruce Springsteen // Thunder Road

Billy Joel // Piano Man

Elton John // Rocket Man (I Think Its Going to Be a Long, Long Time

U2 // Where The Streets Have No Name

Metallica // Hit The Lights

Guns N Roses // Paradise City

Jimi Hendrix // Purple Haze

Jimmy Buffett // Margaritaville

Run DMC // Its Tricky

The Who // My Generation

Rick Astley // Never Gonna Give You Up

The Outfield // Your Love

Queen // Dont Stop Me Now